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4 Step Seller Map

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What s Next The Seller s Experience Our 4 Step Process For Selling Your Store With Liquor License Advisor There are many moving parts and professionals involved in selling your liquor store here s a summary of how we help you through the process start to finish LLA TEAM STEP 1 LISTING AGREEMENT SIGNED STEP 2 OFFER RECEIVED FINANCIAL LEGAL WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Prepare listing documents Collect Due Diligence Info Create Marketing Assets Distribute listings to premium channels Review with qualified buyers On standby for deposit Seller contacts Attorney to engage services If no attorney we can recommend one for you Liquor License Advisor knows how to position your store for maximum value LLA has active buyers and qualified past buyers who are always looking for a way to expand their portfolio We use our MATCH Method to identify who we already know that would be a great fit We know where buyers look for listings have a larger targeted database to get your listing in front of the right buyer ASAP Negotiate terms of agreement Review existing lease with Landlord Negotiate new lease option with Landlord Prepare agreement with your best interests protected On standby for deposit Attorney approves terms in the agreement Liquor License Advisor Team members are handpicked and Master communicators which allows you to be positioned for maximum valuation Landlords leases are very challenging to navigate can be tricky deal breakers if you don t know what you re doing luckily you have us Our listing agreement offer sheets are meant to protect all parties involved are built on solid terms based on our previous experience Questions We re here for you Call us 781 319 9800

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What s Next The Seller s Experience Continued Liquor License Advisor Is Your Partner Quarterbacks The Whole Process For You We have a proven system that s been successful for more than 1300 transactions we know how to get your deal to the finish line LLA TEAM STEP 3 OFFER EXCEPTED STEP 4 CLOSING Represent Seller to ABCC for permit change approvals Represent Seller at State or Local Board Hearings Update the Buyer representation as required Outline COC COGs as required Prepare transition checklist for all parties Prepare closing documents Provide new owner with keys FINANCIAL LEGAL WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Provide proof of deposit Attorney to represent Seller provide documents as directed by LLA LLA knows that the real work begins after an offer is accepted is prepared to represent you through the often tedious process of state municipal hearings We know where are the snags can be with all of the parties involved and know how to be proactive to keep the deal moving along on time Sometimes public appeal can become an issue and we have the relationships experience to navigate whatever comes Transfers funds to Attorney Outline Transaction Synopsis Prepares final signing documents for Seller Receives transfers funds on behalf of Seller LLA has a timeline to move deals across the finish line we know when things are on time and when we need to get involved to ensure we continue moving in the right direction Our goal to make the transition as smooth as possible for the new owner to maintain integrity of the business ensure the value is maintained Questions We re here for you Call us 781 319 9800